Banker to Pit-Master...

"Working as an Executive Banker, to becoming a full time Pit-Master, has been a huge transition for me! Cooking has always been second nature to me, but it has been very daunting to leave the comfort of Corporate America, to do what I love most. My life has been full of challenges, especially throughout my childhood, however, this has shaped me to create opportunities for my family and the people around me. Plus...Delicious Food!"   


- "Benji", CEO & Founder

B. M. Stalling, was born in Wiesbaden, Germany and raised in Columbus, Georgia. At age 15, he moved to Salt Lake City, Utah with his mother and two brothers. He graduated from West High School in 2006. He worked as a banker from 2008 - 2018 promoting to Vice President, 3 years prior to transitioning. He is currently working towards an International EMBA at the London School of International Business. 

"Benji" has been smoking meat since 1994... Age 7.




Chief Operating Officer/Partner



Chief Product Officer/Partner

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